About the webconference

We’ve entered the endemic stage of COVID 19 and as the economy slowly opens, as we trek the road to recovery, should it be business as usual or should companies wait it out or slowly recover lost revenues in the next year or so? 

According to Seth Godin, there’s a paradox that’s happening now:  given the digital disruption, consumers are having more choices than ever before however, he said: “We’re entering a period where people don’t have surplus.”

Thus, brands are still faced with a new challenge – to cater to consumer needs in the post pandemic or endemic stage.  What do consumers expect from brands?  How can brands hand-hold and journey with the customers as we all look for meaningful solutions in this post-covid, endemic era?  How does creativity, innovation help in these?

These and many more will be tackled in this conference.

In these challenging times with challenges and uncertainties remaining, still, consumer insighting is very much needed to uncover how to navigate and adapt into the new realities, post-pandemic.

Why join this webconference?

Unlock the insights to anticipate future consumer needs and expectations and potential trends in the post-pandemic world.
Uncover ideas that will help in brand and business strategy formulation to meaningfully be chosen by customers
Discover new innovative digital tools to accelerate innovation and transform customer experience to drive growth.

Let’s learn to navigate and adapt through the uncertainties and new realities of the post – pandemic era through consumer insighting!


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Synergy pioneered this unique conference entitled, “Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference”.

Its debut offering was made in 2016 via a series of seminars which became a full-fledged conference starting 2018. This flagship conference has already been touted as “The Learning Event of the Year” and was one of the 2019 finalists among the many global entries to the Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) Awards by the prestigious Insights Association of the USA. In 2021, the theme “Reboot 2.0: Insights for a Post-Covid Future” emerged some future challenges and how sustainability has a role in this future state. According to Dr Jikyeong Kang, President of the Asian Institute of Managment, businesses should embrace fast moving technology trends and re-assess digital priorities to support new business models. It is also critical to adopt new working practices to boost the new digital transformation strategy. All these were aimed to help companies to pivot and re-calibrate their business programs for 2022 and beyond.

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