Pandemic: The Great Reset

• The pandemic has indeed been touted as the ‘great reset’ that has shifted consumer behavior, mindset and attitudes, leading to new priorities and challenges.

• With vaccines being rolled out, what are the future challenges?  How can we plan today to address these future challenges?  What insights can we glean from today that will provide clues for future behavior, attitudes and mindsets of consumers including the solutions that we can envision as early as now?

This conference aims to provide an understanding of

• New problems & challenges we face ahead

• Insights to potential solutions to these problems

• Skills that’s needed to be honed now in response for the future

• Trends or potential trajectory of current situations, opportunities to conquer now and in the near future 

• Consumer needs, and environment that will impact on brands and the way we do business and marketing now.

Now, more than ever, and each year, consumer insighting is needed to understand and imagine the future problems and potential pain points that we need to solve now in order to smoothly navigate through the post-pandemic future.  Pre-covid habits and attitudes may be a thing of the past.  Let’s imagine the new future and prepare for it now.

DAY 1 – Future Imagined: Insights to Emerging/Evident Challenges

Provoking thoughts and insights to imagine the post-Covid future challenges

DAY 2 – Re-visiting, Re-framing, Re-Inventing:  Tools, approaches for Post-Covid future – Future Imagined: Insights to Emerging/Evident Challenges

Empowering thoughts and insights for solutions to post-Covid challenges

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“Very informative and encourages the participants to understand and be sensitiveto the feelings, thoughts and desires of the consumers.”


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ABOUT Synergy’s Consumer Insighting and Storytelling WebConference

Synergy also pioneered on a unique conference entitled Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference.  Its debut offering was made in 2016 via a series of seminars which became a full-fledged conference starting 2018. This flagship conference has already been touted as “The Learning Event of the Year” and was one of the 2019 finalists among the many global entries to the Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) Awards by the prestigious Insights Association of the USA. Last year,  the conference was evolved into a webconference, bringing in local experts and global thought leaders into the conference, providing new, evolved innovative frames of references to think possibilities through insighting and multi-dimensional, future-thinking.  All these are hoped to help companies race forward through the next normal given the pandemic.

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